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Product Accessories

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Heel Offloading Wedge

The Heel Offloading Wedge is an affordable way for caregivers to effectively offload pressure to the heels when patients are in the supine position.  Being able to offload the heels is the only true way to prevent and treat heel pressure ulcers in high risk patients.  Made in Canada with multi layer high specification foam and medical grade Recovery 5 covers, these wedges provide offloading to the heels, comfortably supports the calf and maintains the microclimate of the leg.   


Heel Offloading Wedge

Slip-on Fall Prevention Cover

The new slip-on fall prevention cover has been designed to help address safety issues homes face with the recent push to remove rails from residents beds.  These covers easily slips on to resident foam mattress and features four raised 3” foam wedge perimeters that provide a sensory reminder of the mattress edges.  These covers are easily installed and removed allowing staff to position the product under residents that are at a higher fall risk.


  • Easily slides over current foam mattress
  • Wedge foam sections creates a sensory reminder of mattress edges
  • Mid-section opening to aids in patient transfers
  • Multi stretch medical grade Recovery 5 fabric to reduces friction and shearing and protects the mattress
  • Quick release secure straps keeps mattress secured and centered on frame reducing fall risk and entrapment when rails are in use
  • 100% Canadian Made
Fall Prevention Cover
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