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TSS assists long term care (LTC) homes with preventing pressure injuries for their residents. The MPIP program can reduce pressure injuries by 97% in stage 3, 4 & unstageable wounds.
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About TSS



For over a decade, Therapeutic Surface Solutions (TSS) has been servicing long-term care (LTC) homes with both wound prevention strategies, as well as wound treatment products, services and resources. Our resident-centered business approach delivers quality and value, with a unique per diem program that provides prevention equipment and servicing based on a resident’s risk of developing a wound.

Long Term Home Care

Why We Do It

High Incidence

1 in 4 of long term care (LTC) residents will experience a pressure injury.*


Ulcers are costly and drain resources  (Up to $90,000 for Stage 4 pressure injuries).


70% of pressure injuries are considered preventable.*

Poor Quality of Life

Pressure injuries are painful and decrease quality of life for residents.

*Reference: Woodbury, M. G.; Houghton, P. E. Prevalence of pressure ulcers in Canadian healthcare settings. Ostomy Wound Management 2004, 50, 22-39.

70% of Pressure Injuries are Preventable
Let’s Do Something About It

The Managed Pressure Injury Prevention (MPIP) Program

97% Reduction

In stage 3, 4 & unstageable pressure wounds

In a study including 13 LTC homes, our prevention program resulted in a 97% reduction in the incidence rate of Stage 3, 4 and Unstageable pressure injuries in the buttocks, coccyx, sacrum and hip regions that were acquired within the LTC home.

Pressure Injury Prevention Stages

Integrated TSS staff to work directly with LTC nurses

Personalized therapeutic surface equipment based on resident’s risk

Better reporting and monitoring for the resident

Less than a cup of coffee per day per resident

Per Diem Model = Cost Containment

Our per diem cost model allows cost containment for LTC homes.  Treatment and prevention surfaces are included in the cost, and nursing hours spent on treating wounds are reduced.

Our Products

TSS Products - Mattresses


SS RetractaBed Bed Frame

Bed Frames

Fall Prevention Cover

Product Accessories

We Work Directly With Your Staff

We believe in building strong partnerships with common goals.


Our team will become an integrated member with your staff to identify causes of wounds and suggest preventative devices that would help your resident’s wound condition.  TSS will allocate a specialized program manager for each home to provide assistance and training for your staff, clean and repair therapeutic surfaces, monitor resident’s risk levels and monthly reporting to resident’s care team.

TSS Staff Working With You

Would You Like to Learn More?
Contact Us!

Mona Khalek
Program Manager
Office: 1-866-460-4810 Cell: 905-531-7128